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(Please note that we are only allowed to deliver tobacco to Germany!)

Enjoying a tasty hookah in a social setting is simply part of today's lifestyle. Whether at parties, in a lounge or at the lake. Water pipe smoking is in vogue. The hookah is also becoming more and more popular as a way to relax. Are you looking for a new, unique hookah? Then you've come to the right place.

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Kaya Shisha is THE brand for modern, oriental hookahs. In our online shop, we offer a huge selection of different hookahs and hookah accessories for the most diverse smoker demands and wishes. Beginners will find high-quality and affordable hookahs from as little as 50 euros at Kaya Shisha. You want to take your hookah to the beach or the lake? Then go for one of our small travel hookahs. If you enjoy your hookah at home, then it can be a larger model with several hose connections. Not sure which hookah suits your needs? We are happy to help you! Browse our extensive hookah range now or take a look at the hookah sale and buy your hookah online today.

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Kaya hookah shop - sophisticated design & high quality workmanship

In addition to the high quality and impeccable workmanship of our hookahs, a first-class, exceptional design is important to us. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for improvements and optimisations in terms of both functionality and design. Young, modern, innovative - and always with an eye on oriental traditions - that is characteristic of our water pipes. We attach great importance to a large selection and a wide range of hookah styles, colours and materials, because our hookahs should be as individual as our customers.

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Personalisation through individual engraving

On request, we can make your hookah unique! We offer you the possibility to personalize your water pipe by engraving the base, the plate or the mouthpiece. Of course, we also engrave individual mouthpieces, plates and the mouthpieces from our hose sets. An ingenious design option for you or as a gift for your friends.

Good and cheap hookahs

You can get good hookahs at Kaya Shisha at low prices. We are always concerned with a fair price-performance ratio and favourable prices - thus, we regularly offer reduced special offers in our hookah sale. So it's worth checking back with us every now and then to find a bargain.

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Order matching hookah accessories in addition to complete hookahs. We also carry spare parts, extensions and hookah accessories such as tobacco bowls, mouthpieces, hoses, replacement glasses, etc. so you can customise your hookah to suit your needs. Change and expand your hookah as you wish, or create your own unique piece.

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(Please note that we are only allowed to deliver tobacco to Germany!)

Last but not least, we also offer hookah tobacco from many different manufacturers. The abundance of flavours is overwhelming. There's sure to be your new favourite tobacco flavour in there too!

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