Youth Protection

§ 10 JuSchG

On 1 April 2016, a tightening of the german Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) came into force.

This law requires traders who sell tobacco to perform an age check.

Kaya Shisha is very committed to the protection of minors and now also applies this law to steampaste, steam stones and e-liquids.

Therefore, not only new customers, but unfortunately already registered users who want to buy a product from the above mentioned areas, have to undergo a verification of their age.

For this it is necessary that their personal details are correct. Once the system detects a discrepancy, authentication fails.

The transmission of the data required for the age check naturally takes place according to the strict guidelines of the data protection law and must be carried out only once per registered customer.

As part of the protection of young people and children, we ask for your understanding for this measure and thank you for your help.

New customers have the option to enter TOBACCO on the registration form if they already know they want to buy tobacco, the age check will be done at the end of the purchase, So check out instead. With every subsequent purchase under the same registration, the age check will always be valid.

Already registered customers who would like to buy tobacco without having already passed an age test can add the word TABAK under "change address". But they are also from the tobacco category passed out on this form. Again, a one-time verification is sufficient.

In addition, delivery of the goods will be subject to an age check, too. That means, the deliverer, at DHL, may only deliver tobacco, steam paste, steam stones and e-liquids to persons of legal age.

You can legitimize yourself with your identity card. Unfortunately, this also means that a delivery to a packing station or agreed storage locations is no longer possible ! An update of your delivery address may be necessary.