Zinc Hookahs

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Zinc hookahs - Kaya PN/PNX and SPN

Kaya hookahs with surface-treated zinc sets, as members of the PN/X and SPN series, are probably our best-known hookah editions. They are often available in a shiny chrome-coloured version and a black coated version.

PN and PNX hookahs

PN stands for Premium Nargile, meaning a stable, well-made hookah. Hookahs of the PNX series represent a further developed form of the PN hookahs.

KAYA SPN 480 - hookahs with silicone coating

The "S" in the KAYA SPN series stands for silicone - this is what the casing of the shaft of these hookahs is made of. All hookahs found in this category come with 480 design glasses and have a medium size of about 50cm.

The KAYA SPN hookahs are available in two styles, an L and a B variant. The neon coloured glasses of the L-version are slightly transparent. The glasses of the B-variant are coated opaque with black colour throughout.