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  1. Stainless Steel Wind Shield HE07
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Wind shields against draughts and gusts

A windbreak or wind shield helps you to protect your charcoal from the influence of wind or air currents in the form of draughts. Especially when building tobacco bowls with aluminium foil, the use of a wind shield turns out to be beneficial in terms of tobacco consumption, heat management and, of course, safety in your own home.

Wind protection for undisturbed open air hookah smoking

The trend is towards open-air hookah smoking. And what could be more awesome than a nice, tasty hookah by the lake or on the beach? Always at home in the closet is not exciting in the long run.

But outdoors there is always an uninvited guest smoking along: the wind. It lights the hookah charcoal, which makes it too hot and burns out too quickly and thus much more hookah tobacco is consumed than indoors. And in general, much of the flavour is simply dissipated.

So to protect the charcoal and tobacco, it helps to have a wind shield that is simply placed on top of the ash plate. Anyone who likes to enjoy their hookah outdoors should not do without a wind shield.

For more safety against draughts

Not only outdoors, but also within your own 4 walls, a wind cover is anything but impractical. Whether as a closed protection made of glass or metal or as an increasingly open wire mesh, a wind shield helps you make your home a little safer by keeping sparks and embers from flying around and causing burn holes in carpets, curtains, etc. Especially if the hookah is exposed to draughts through open windows and doors, a windbreak gives you a little more security against fire damage in your home.