ELOX 635 Edition

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ELOX 635 Edition - aluminium hookahs with great stability

A wide range of different glass designs and hookah stem shapes - the ELOX 635 Edition hookahs are equipped with 635CE glass bowls. These are not only tall, they also have a wide footprint, are heavily processed and can hold a relatively large amount of water. This makes the hookahs more stable and they can also be easily extended upwards with accessories such as taller molasses catchers or fruity setups without the risk of falling over.

Some models offer the option of inserting an LED module in a recess located in the bottom of the glass to provide additional lighting for the hookah without a lot of unwanted water splashing.
We offer the ELOX 635 hookahs both as ready-to-smoke sets and as basic models without hose set and tobacco bowl for sale.

The most popular models of the ELOX 635 series include hookahs of

  • Pyramid Edition
  • Cut Edition
  • XL Edition