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  1. Desert Brass 630 Click Yellow Coated
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Brass hookahs - BRASS Edition

The BRASS Edition hookahs are made entirely of brass.
Brazen water pipes do not only look high-quality and noble, no, they are, because brass consists of more than half copper. Copper is, what makes this metal so hard and ensures that the threads wear and tear more slowly. Even with frequent use of the hookah, the material is protected and remains beautiful for a long time.

We combine accessories such as colour-coated brass smoke columns with different glass designs to offer a variety of unusual and beautiful hookahs.
Alternatively, everyone can assemble their own individual hookah according to their personal taste from our brass components.

Hookahs with click closure

A special feature of each Brass Edition hookah is also their base with click closure.
The Click closure is used instead of a thread to connect the water bottle to the smoke column. When closing the hookah, a metal pin engages in a groove and after only half a turn, the smoke column sits firmly on the bottle.
This technique is one of few innovations in hookah design that has almost exclusively found only friends.