ELOX Tradi-Line

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ELOX Tradi-Line hookahs

The Kaya ELOX Tradi-Line includes aluminium hookahs that are connected to plug-in glasses for hookahs via a plug-in system. ELOX Tradi-Line hookahs are suitable for one to two smokers.

What the "Tradi" stands for

The "Tradi" in Tradi-Line stands for "traditional" - but that is only half the truth. Because in addition to echoes of traditional, oriental shapes, the ELOX Tradi-Line focuses on modernity. Here, tradition has been pimped, so to speak ... pimped, improved, spruced up and elevated to the status of innovation.

Differences to regular ELOX Plug hookahs

In contrast to ELOX Plug hookahs (such as the ELOX Amun), the base and plug connection are a solid component that does not have an additional click thread. Furthermore, the hose connections and valves differ in terms of length and connection to the base.

Different ELOX Tradi variants

In addition to the original line, in which an ELOX shaft made of aluminium is used, you can also choose from other models with shafts made of wood or silicone. The models Tradi-Wood, Tradi Helix and Tradi Flash are supplied with wooden shafts. The Tradi-S model series comes with bright coloured silicone shafts.