Black Spot ELOX 630CE Lance 2S Blue - COMPLETE SET

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Details of the Elox Lance 2s hookah set by Kaya Shisha:

1 Smoke column set, ELOX LANCE with 18.8 ground joint and adapter
1 Base with click closure
- 1 hose adapter
- 1 valve
1 ash plate Ø approx. 20 cm
1 630CE glass bowl with click closure
1 silicone hose, 150 cm
1 mouthpiece, approx. 34 cm
1 terracotta tobacco bowl
1 set of gaskets

1 chimney attachment
1 tobacco sieve
1 molasses catcher
1 stainless steel coal tongs

Total height: approx. 97 cm
Height without tobacco bowl and accessories: approx. 70cm

The item delivered may vary slightly.

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Kaya ELOX Lance hookah complete set in blue

Waterpipe set with large ELOX Lance hookah with 630CE bowl and accessories

Small hookah set for beginners and connoisseurs. This complete set includes a Kaya hookah from the ELOX 630 Lance range and a selection of practical hookah accessories

About the individual set components

ELOX Lance hookah - The hookah is an ELOX 630 Lance hookah. The hookah has an 18.8 cut on its stem for the use of glass accessories. The closed chamber base has 2 connections, which are equipped with 2 valves. One valve is ready to use with a hose connection and matching 18.8 hose adapter. The other valve is closed with a valve cap. It can be upgraded with a matching Team CUT hose connection set to a further, functional hose connection (2nd hose connection available separately). Like the hookah stem set, the immersion tube is made of anodised aluminium. A diffuser end piece for noise reduction is included in the delivery.

Black Spot hookah glass - The water tank is a hookah glass from the 630CE series. The bottom of the glass is criss-crossed with black spots that extend to the top of the glass neck. A matching ELOX 630 click thread is already attached to the glass.

Diamond molasses catcher - The included Diamond molasses catcher with 18.8 ground glass joint can be attached between the hookah stem and the head adapter. The insert catches excess moisture and sticky molasses from the smoke, which run through the head as a dark brew, before they get inside the hookah. This keeps the hookah clean for an extended period of time and makes it easier to clean after smoking.

Chimney set - This set consists of a terracotta multi-hole tobacco bowl, a tobacco sieve and a chimney attachment. While the tobacco sieve prevents tobacco residues or vapour stones from obstructing the passage through the terracotta bowl, the chimney attachment enables a better heat distribution. In addition, the higher distance to the tobacco reduces it from being scorched. Thus, the danger of the smoke becoming biting, scratchy and less aromatic becomes smaller. The stainless steel charcoal tongs included in the set help you to place, position and tap the hookah charcoal.

Hose set - As standard, the hookah comes with a silicone hose of 150cm length and a slim mouthpiece made of aluminium.

ENGRAVING - Upon customer request, we offer to engrave the base, the mouthpiece or the ash plate of the hookah with a customised engraving.

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Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
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