Kaya E-Heater 1000W

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Kaya E-Heater 1000W charcoal lighter:

Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 21 x 21 x 6 cm
Height measured incl. feet
Side length incl. rotary control to 24cm

Cable length: ~150cm
Plug type: E+F (Hybrid), CEE 7/7

Powerful device
Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220/230V, Frequency: 50/60Hz

Easy and safe to use
5-stage thermostat
Overheating protection

Includes Ø165mm grill grate to place the charcoal on. Effectively protects the heating coil from burnt residue, helping to prolong the life of the unit.

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Kaya E-Heater - electric 1000 watt charcoal lighter

Light your coals quickly with the Kaya e-heater and make them glow! The e-heater has an elegant black colour. The charcoal lighter is electrically operated and glows your hookah charcoal ready for use in no time.

Appearance of the E-Heater

The Kaya Shisha e-heater is approx. 21x21 cm in size and black in colour. Including the thermostat (rotary control), the longest side is around 24cm. The cable length is about 150cm. Long enough to allow flexible positioning of the electric heater.

When unpacking the unit you will find a bag with four (4) black plastic plugs. These are the feet of the e-heater. Insert them into the corresponding holes in the bottom of the unit. The feet ensure that the unit stands securely. In addition, they increase the distance between the e-heater and the floor and ensure that the ventilation slots on the underside of the unit remain free. In this way, they promote air circulation in and around the heater.

The unit is delivered in a dark cardboard box. Stowed inside, the device takes up very little space in your closet.

Power of the charcoal lighter

The e-heater has an output of 1000 watts at a voltage of 230V, 50/60Hz. This is enough power to light up cubes of natural charcoal on the supplied charcoal grid. The powerful heating coil is arranged in three rows so that a large number of charcoal cubes can be prepared at the same time. You can prepare the natural charcoal directly on the heating coil or on the enclosed cooking grate.

5-stage thermostat

The appliance has a rotating thermostat regulator. With the thermostat you can precisely set the desired heat output In addition to the OFF function (which we recommend to use as the starting position), 5 heat levels are available. To prepare natural charcoal for hookahs, set the thermostat to level 5 to quickly prepare the charcoal for further use. A built-in overheating protection provides the necessary safety.

Separate cooking grate

The e-heater comes with a cooking grate - also called a charcoal grate - with a diameter of approx. 165mm. This can be placed above the heating coil. If you prepare your charcoal cubes on the grate and not directly on the heating coil of the lighter, you prevent charcoal residues from burning in and thus contribute to extending the life of the appliance.


Before using the Kaya e-heater for the first time, we recommend that you switch it on at full power for a few minutes to burn out any residue from production and storage on the heating coil. Preferably you do this outside, e.g. in front of the house, on the balcony or at least in a well-ventilated room.

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