Sandy Strip GOLDEN 630FL 2S

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Details of the Sandy Strip GOLDEN 630FL 2S by Kaya-Shisha:

Hookah stem set made of brass, coated with real gold, unique piece
- unique, hand-engraved pattern
- length of the shaft: approx. 27cm
Open chamber base with Click thread
- 1 hose connection (plug, with sealing ring)
- 1 valve cover
- 1 downstem (without diffuser)
Hookah glass "Sandy Strip 630FL
- with Click thread made of brass, gold coating, engraved
- partly matt, with decorative stripes

Matching accessories
- black anodised aluminium ash plate, Ø20cm
- Carbonish soft-touch silicone hose, length: approx. 150cm
- Carbon ELOX mouthpiece, gold/black, length: approx. 28cm
- terracotta tobacco bowl

Total height: approx. 73cm

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Sandy Strip GOLDEN 630FL - Golden hookah with matt white glass

The Sandy Strip GOLDEN Edition Shisha is a hookah with a height of approx. 73 cm when assembled. The hookah has 2 valves, 1 of which is closed with a valve cap and the other is upgraded to a hose connection. Glass and base are connected by means of a bayonet lock (click thread). The hose adapter is connected to the hose connection via a plug system with sealing ring and sits securely on the hookah. To visually emphasise the value of the golden components, they are combined with a black ash plate and an elaborately sandblasted hookah glass with a spiral-shaped window for measuring the water level. The whole thing is complemented by a 2-piece hose set consisting of an anthracite silicone hose with carbon pattern and a gold and black ELOX mouthpiece with carbon shaft.

Individually hand-engraved pattern

The hookah is absolutely unique. The pattern on the hookah stem, base, thread and even the adapters was engraved by hand on the metal parts. Instead of the typical Kaya Shisha logo, a large Kaya scarab was engraved in the centre of the base. In contrast to a laser engraving or a cheap foil print, you can even feel the relief-like structure.

High-quality and noble raw material

The material alone is a valuable highlight: the metal parts are made of brass coated with real gold. For this reason, the hookah is extremely heavy and, due to the gold used, has a correspondingly high value.

On the inside of the threaded part and the base, small spots on the gold coating may be visible. These are a result of the technical processing and do not represent a reduction in function, quality or value. Of course, during the finishing of the hookah, care has been taken to ensure that such spots (if present) only appear outside the field of vision, so that the GOLDEN Edition hookah always looks flawless.

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EAN 4056159115122
Product weight 4.50 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Color Gold
Color sandblasted
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