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Product details of the Removable 4Tex:

Total height: 130 mm | Filling depth: approx. 30 mm
Outer bowl diameter: max. 80 mm
Base diameter inside: approx. 20 mm
Base diameter outside: max. 35 mm
Vortex: Ground joint : 18.8 | Height : approx. 45 mm (incl. connector)

Colour: black

The Removable Disc 4tex glass bowl by Kaya-Shisha is characterised by its good flow and precise workmanship. The Vortex insert in the middle is held in place by an 18.8 mm ground glass connection. It is criss-crossed by 4 x 3 - a total of 12 - slots.

The bowl can be smoked well with aluminium foil setups and 2-3 pieces of natural charcoal. The use of a chimney is not recommended.

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Black 4Tex hookah bowl with Removable Disc Vortex

The black Disc 4tex hookah glass bowl by Kaya-Shisha consists of two parts: the tobacco bowl and a removable Disc Vortex glass insert.

With a diameter of the shisha bowl of approx. 8 cm and a filling depth of approx. 3 cm, there is plenty of space for tobacco and tobacco substitutes. The total height, measured from the bottom to the top rim, is approx. 13 cm. The base of the hookah bowl has an outer diameter of approx. 35 mm with a maximum hole diameter of approx. 20 mm (minimal deviations possible due to production). This allows the Kaya 4tex hookah bowl to be combined with most common bowl adapters.

The Disc Vortex glass insert is approx. 4.5 cm in size and has a male 18.8 mm ground glass joint. When inserted into the hookah bowl, it can be easily replaced or removed, for example, if you want to clean the bowl. The glass insert is slightly raised in the middle. This allows the tobacco to be placed around the centre. This has the advantage that the centre hole always remains free during smoking and no molasses or tobacco residues can get into the hookah stem. It has a total of 12 slots all around, through which the hot air is drawn through the glass bowl and into the hookah. Due to the lateral arrangement of the holes, no aluminium foil can be sucked in and block the holes. This allows the air to flow evenly and the flavours of the tobacco are perceived more intensively.

Manufacturer's instructions:

Do not immerse the heated glass in water for cleaning or place it on a cool surface. There is a risk of glass breakage. Instead, we recommend that you let it cool down in a suitable place, e.g. on a holder for your shisha bowls or on a silicone mat.

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