Pink Color Stick

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Details of the Pink Color Stick:

Length: approx. 25 cm
Diameter: approx. 24 mm
Connection Length: approx. 25 mm
Connection Diameter: approx. 12mm

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Pink Color Stick glass mouthpiece for hookahs

The Pink Color Stick by Kaya is a cylindrically shaped hookah mouthpiece made of glass without any frills. The pink colour is not created by a coating or a comparable imprint - instead, the glass itself is coloured pink. This means that the mouthpiece retains its colour even after many years of use without discolouring or fading.

Qualities of a Color Stick mouthpiece

A Color Stick glass mouthpiece is smooth and comfortable to hold. With the embossed Kaya logo, it offers a small but subtle tactile experience when gripped.

The hole at the tip of the mouthpiece, through which you draw the smoke, has a diameter of about 9mm. For an undisturbed airflow when inhaling.

The connection part of the mouthpiece is cylindrical and even. A silicone hose can be attached or detached without worrying about the mouthpiece falling off, drawing false air when smoking, or moisture seeping out at the connection point.


- Length: approx. 25cm
- Diameter: approx. 24-25mm
- Hole diameter (tip): approx. 9mm
- Connection length: approx. 25mm
- Connection diameter: approx. 12mm
- Colour: changes between pink & antique pink

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Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Color pink
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