Moon 'n Star Glass-Shaft and Molasses-Catcher 18.8 or 29.2

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Details of Moon 'n Star glass-shaft and molasses catcher:

Total length: approx. 21cm
Length without ground joint: approx. 18cm
Width: approx. 9cm
Glass ground joint: optional

Choose between 18.8 male > 18.8 female or
29.2 male > 29.2 female

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Moon 'n Star molasses catcher with star-shaped collecting area

What is the Moon 'n Star molasses catcher?

The Moon 'n Star glass shaft and molasses catcher is a hookah shaft in the shape of a crescent moon with a star-shaped collecting area for excess molasses. The insert is made of colourless transparent glass and is available in the ground joint sizes 18.8 as well as 29.2.

The practical glass insert can be used as a stem for hookahs with a corresponding ground joint on the base or the hookah glass. This includes, for example, various models of the GLASS series, the Sebulba and ELOX Cut hookahs. Alternatively, the Moon 'n Star can also be placed above a hookah stem as a molasses catcher.

What a molasses catcher is good for

With tobacco that is excessively enriched with hookah molasses, it is common for an excess of this aromatic humectant to escape during smoking and drip through the bowl into the hookah. The Moon 'n Star molasses catcher intercepts this excess before it enters the hookah. In this way, it helps to keep the hookah clean for a longer period of time and simplifies the subsequent cleaning.

When smoking, the molasses dissolved by the air flow collects inside the star-shaped application. The smoke, on the other hand, passes unhindered through the glass crescent and is passed on to the water chamber.

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