Mamba Glass Mouthpiece

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Details of the Mamba glass mouthpiece:

Total length: approx. 30 cm
Length of connection piece: approx. 30mm
Special features: partially coated, snake-skin pattern

The special design in the shape and pattern of a snake individualises your hookah a little more.

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Mamba hookah glass mouthpiece

Cool and stylish, setting a special accent, that is the Mamba glass mouthpiece by Kaya-Shisha. The mouthpiece fits perfectly in the hand and gives your hookah that very special touch that many will envy. This special design in the shape - and especially with the surface finish - of a snake individualises your hookah a bit more.

Feels particularly good in the hand

The Mamba glass mouthpiece is extremely comfortable to hold. The curved shape of the mouthpiece automatically adapts to the natural shape of your hand. You can grip it perfectly. In addition, the mouthpiece offers a sensational haptic experience due to the fine waves in the lower area.

Shape and print in the style of a snake

The shape and pattern of the Mamba mouthpiece imitate the appearance of a snake. The upper part of the mouthpiece is printed with a black and white animal print in snake design. The area around the eyes is left out. The belly area is left blank, but the curved shape of the glass and the wavy base make up for that by being extremely pleasant to the touch.

Snake head forms the mouthpiece tip

The head area of the Mamba is the area where you finally take in the smoke. The hole at the tip has a diameter of approx. 4-5 mm.

Connection for hookah hoses

The connector is cylindrical with an approximate length of 30 mm. This allows you to easily attach or detach a silicone hose without having to worry about the mouthpiece falling off, you drawing air while smoking, or moisture escaping at the connection point.

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