Konik Bowl Adapter 18.8

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The Konik bowl adapter is compatible with hookahs and accessories with 18.8 ground joint such as Konik hookahs of the ELOX edition.

Height: ca. 4cm
Color: black, blue, red, gold
Corresponds with 18.8 ground joints

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The 18.8 Konik bowl adapters by Kaya Shisha are versatile. The inserts with male 18mm ground joint allow you to combine hookahs made of metal with glass accessories of the same cut size and vice versa. The O-rings on the adapter's ground joint serve as a buffer zone and prevent the more sensitive glass parts from irreparable damage due to the different expansion properties of the materials used.

How to use a Konik bowl adapter:

Place an ash plate of your choice over the thread and connect the Konik bowl adapter with a suitable bowl adapter.

Our Konik bowl adapters offer you different application possibilities:

  1. You can now use a metal plate without hesitation in combination with a glass smoke column with 18.8mm standard ground joint.
  2. Use the structure described above to attach a glass molasses catcher or 18.8 glass smoke column to a 18.8 metal shisha (for example, a Kaya Konik Shisha).
  3. If you want to use a molasses catcher made of metal on a glass smoke column, screw a Konik bowl adapter under an ELOX or INOX molasses catcher and place an ash plate of your choice on it. Afterwards, attach the bowl adapter. Now you can use the molasses catcher on an 18.8 glass smoke column.

    Attention: Please note the weight and shape of the molasses catcher you are using in the latter setup! A heavy molasses catcher may exert too much pressure on the glass accessories. In addition, you should make sure that the molasses catcher always sits securely in the ground socket and does not have too much play, so that it does not tip over and / or damage the ground socket.


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Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Cut 18.8
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