Hookah Flame Gas-Coal-Lighter, diff. colors

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With this Hookah Flame Gas-Coal-Lighter you can easily light your hookah-coal. Please read the crucial instuctions to use and handle it from the washer and from the writing on the box.

The needed 190g gas cartridge is NOT included!

Height: ca. 27cm
Max. diameter: ca. 12cm

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With this Hookah Flame Gas-Coal Lighter you are able to ignite your hookah charcoal without any problems. All you need is a matching (non-refillable) 190g propane-butane cartridge. Right after you put in the cartridge into the device, it can be ignited by slowly opening the gas valve while holding a flame e.g. by a lighter or a match close to the distiller. The flame size can be adjusted by regulating the gas valve.

For a save handling some details should be paid attention to:

-Build in or change the cartridge only in well aerated places - at best outdoors - and never close to open flames or other heat sources like cigarettes, electronic devices and so forth.

-Store away the device at best in a cool, dry and well aerated place.

-Protect the Coal-Lighter frome direct sunlight, open flames and high temperatures.

-You should not tilt, shake or knock over the device while using it.

-In case the Coal-Lighter was shaken during its usage, wait up to 7 seconds until the gas completely disappears, before you retry igniting the lighter.

Of course, the coal lighter is not a children´s toy, so it has to be stored away safely from children and pets.

Further crucial instructions you may obtain from the washer and/or the packing’s inscription.

This can ONLY be used with a 190g gas cartridge! (Not included)

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