Glass Plate 1.0

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Details about the hookah glass plate 1.0:

Total height: approx. 13.5cm
Plate diameter: approx. 19.5cm
Upper joint: 18.8
Lower joint: 29.2
Head connect height: approx. 35mm
Head connect diameter: approx. 11mm
Heat-resistant: No

Note: This plate is not heat resistant and is only used to remove ashes from charcoal!

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Ash plate made of glass with 29.2>18 ground glass joint

The glass plate 1.0 - in other words, the first generation - from Kaya Shisha is an ash plate for use with hookahs that have a ground glass joint of size 29.2.

It is suitable, for example, for GLASS Edition hookahs such as the Calabash or La Coppa, as well as for large INOX Sebulba hookahs and ELOX Cut Edition hookahs with matching 29 glass shafts.

In addition to its 29er ground joint core for bowls, immersion tubes and hookah stems, the ash plate has a male 18.8er ground joint core for tobacco bowls made of glass. When used in combination with an 18.8 tobacco bowl, the use of a head gasket is not necessary. The ground joint area is self-sealing.

If the plate is used with a clay, ceramic or glass bowl without a ground glass joint, the use of a silicone head gasket is necessary. We recommend using a narrow rubber seal for the tobacco bowl if it sits too tightly on the connector. To prevent the plate from breaking unintentionally, you must avoid subjecting the connector to intense stress.

Notes on use and care

The glass plate is sensitive to impact damage and temperature fluctuations due to its material.

To prevent stress damage, note the following:
- The ash plate is not suitable for permanently depositing hookah coal.
- Do not place the glass plate on the cold floor immediately after smoking.
- Do not immerse the glass plate in water or soapy water while it is hot.

Note: This plate is not heat resistant and is only used to remove ashes from charcoal!

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EAN 2000238300000
Product weight 0.30 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Color clear
Cut 29.2 / 18.8
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