ELOX ECO Bullseye Rose

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The details of the Kaya Shisha ELOX ECO Bullseye Rose:

Total height: approx. 55 cm
Height without bowl and accessories: approx. 45 cm

The hookah consists of:
1 Aluminium ash plate (approx. 20 cm)
1 ELOX smoke column, with head adapter
1 Stainless steel immersion tube with diffuser endpiece, total length (without thread) 19.5 cm
1 Closed chamber base with 1 hose connection
1 Ceramic tobacco bowl with silicone footand Heat Manager
1 Aluslim Mouthpiece, rose, aluminum (usable surface approx. 22 cm; total approx. 25 cm)
1 Soft-Touch Silicone Hose black, 150 cm
1 Transparent hookah glass, rose coloured thread
1 "Wing" charcoal tongs

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The Bullseye from the ELOX ECO range is a hookah made of coloured anodised aluminium. It comes with a selection of beginner-friendly accessories. With its colourful design, good draught and spectacular smoking performance, it is a good beginner hookah that just shines in terms of performance and looks.

What does the ELOX Eco Bullseye offer?

Suitable for 1 smoker

The hookah is equipped with one (1) hose connection. A silicone hose and a slim mouthpiece for one user are included.

Closed Chamber Base

The Bullseye has a closed chamber base. This keeps the volume inside small, which both facilitates the flow when inhaling and reduces resistance when puffing out stale or charred-tasting smoke.

Exclusive valve with vertical smoke ejection

The special feature of the hookah is the valve system. When the Eco Bullseye hookah is vented by blowing out stale or charred-tasting smoke, it escapes through the 4-way valve inside the base. The smoke is then expelled from the vents along the coloured shaft. This creates a fantastic effect right at your own hookah.

Powerful accessories

In addition to a pair of stainless steel charcoal tongs that come with the Bullseye, the hookah includes a fully glazed ceramic phunnel with a silicone base instead of a regular clay head. The colour of the silicone is matched to the basic colour of the hookah. Accurately fitting the tobacco bowl, the hookah also comes with a BigStar heat manager made of aluminium. The practical attachment simplifies the even heat transfer to the tobacco and ensures the most effective use of charcoal.

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EAN 4056159103822
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Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Color rose
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