Insert sieve for clay tobacco bowls

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Details about Insert sieve for clay tobacco bowls:

Diameter: Ø 50mm
Depth: ca. 25mm

Can only be used for tobacco bowls with matching dimensions.

The insert sieve minimizes permanent, heavy soiling of the tobacco bowl. At the same time, it allows better circulation of hot air, so that smoke and aroma can develop better.

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Round sieve for hookah tobacco bowls

This round bowl sieve made of steel is heat-resistant, well-made and of course, with proper care, can be used several times. The uniform, not too fine mesh size allows the use with tobacco, herbs or even vapor stones without obstructing the air flow.

The outer rim is slightly flared and has been reinforced all around. On the one hand, this prevents the insert sieve from deforming due to the high temperature emitted by searing hot hookah charcoal. On the other hand, the wide rim creates a flat support area so that the bowl can be placed on the rim of a tobacco bowl without further slipping. Due to its flat support rim, the bowl sieve can also be easily used in combination with a chimney or heat management attachment.

This round hookah sieve for tobacco bowls is an excellent addition for multi-hole Egyptian bowls. Because if the holes in these lie deep or even level with the bottom surface, they can quickly be blocked by too tightly packed tobacco residues, so that an unobstructed air flow is no longer guaranteed. The sieve ensures that the hot air does not accumulate inside the bowl and is instead passed through the tobacco unimpeded, thus additionally promoting the best possible unfolding of your tobacco's aromas.

Advantages of the hookah bowl sieve

- Compatible with many common multi-hole bowls
- Can be used with chimneys or heat managers
- Reusable
- Prevents clogging
- Reduces the risk of heat accumulation
- Favors the unfolding of tobacco aroma

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