Clear Carat INOX Carbonia 4S

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The details of the Kaya-Shisha INOX Carbonia 4S:

Total height: ca. 68 cm
Height without accessories: ca. 55 cm

The hookah consists of:

1 Stainless ash plate
1 INOX Carbon smoke column silver-color
1 Immersion tube stainless steel with removable diffusor
1 Closed Chamber Base with 4 hose connections
1 Terracotta Tobacco bowl with sieve and chimney top
1 Slim Mouthpiece black
1 Soft-Touch silicone hose black
1 Clear Carat glass bowl
1 "Arrow" coal tongs

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INOX Carbonia 4S - Silver-color Stainless steel hookah

The INOX Carbonia from the Kaya Shisha INOX series is a medium-sized hookah with a stainless steel hookah stem set. The metal parts of the hookah set are designed in siver-color with the contrast of black carbon. At the tip of the shaft there is an 18.8mm ground joint for the use of a molasses catcher. The included Aluslim mouthpiece comes in a neutral black colour. The hookah is equipped with 4 hose connections and 4 cut hose adapters.

Easy and quick to assemble

The hookah glass is connected to the base via a quick-release fastener. Two projections inside the base engage with the corresponding counterparts on the threaded part of the hookah glass. In just a few steps, the base is already firmly connected to the glass.

Base with 4 valves

The INOX Carbonia is already fully equipped with 4 connections with 4 installed valve balls and matching adapters. Additional valve caps are NOT included. The base is built as part of a closed chamber system. When you blow the smoke out because it is stale, or because you just like the effect, it passes through the valve balls and is expelled above the base through the hose adapters.

Low noise level

The hookah includes a stainless steel immersion tube with diffuser. The perforated diffuser is connected to the immersion tube via a screw thread. When the hookah is used with the diffuser, it splits large smoke bubbles in the water. This ensures more intensive contact with the water, which increases the cooling effect and reduces noisy bubbling.

Hookah bowl with cut crystal pattern

The beautifully styled shape features a fine crystal glass pattern and has a particularly thick, heavy base. The heavy weight of the glass ensures stability.

Accessories supplied

The INOX Carbonia comes with 1 silicone hose, 1 mouthpiece and a regular clay tobacco bowl with sieve and chimney attachment. Stainless steel charcoal tongs for handling hookah coal are also included.

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