The Milkman

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The Milkman E-Liquids

Now the best of the milk is also offered by "The Milkman" for vaporizing! In addition to the concentrated aroma of sweets and desserts, the flavor of these liquids is always in a connotation based on milk products such as milk, cream, quark cream, yogurt, pudding or ice cream!

Do you love juicy, warm sponge cake with vanilla ice cream? Or fruit tartlets with whipped cream? What about milkshakes or creamy pudding? With the liquids of "The Milkman" you can enjoy just that - almost a whole desserts menu - just to evaporate!

The Milkman Liquids come from The Vaping Rabbit and are produced in Los Angeles / USA. They are suitable without restriction for all evaporators and clearomizers, e-cigarettes and battery carriers.