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IVG - more love for e-liquids

The brand IVG, formerly known as I Love VG, is one of the most popular Liquid brands in England and now also worldwide. Products of the IVG series contain a series of concentrated liquids in 60ml bottles, filled with 50ml liquid, which allows you to top up the bottle with 10ml of a tasteless base (with the nicotine strength you desire).

The IVG E-Liquids can be divided into different subcategories according to their taste:

  • IVG (the original liquid varieties)
  • IVG Menthol 
  • IVG Sweets 
  • IVG Desserts
  • IVG Macarons (macaron pastry flavor)

Please note: Due to their high aroma concentration, we recommend to evaporate the liquids not undiluted