BRASS Valve Lid with valve for BRASS and INOX hookahs

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The brass valve cover with valve for BRASS and INOX hookahs

Fits various BRASS, INOX and ELOX bases

Material: brass
Height (without thread): approx. 29mm
Max. diameter: approx. 27mm
Valve ball Ø: approx. 9.5mm

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BRASS valve piece consisting of valve, valve ball and valve cover

The BRASS replacement valve has the usual connection thread for BRASS and INOX edition adapters. This makes it possible to combine the valve with various Kaya Shisha smoke column sets, regardless of whether they belong to the BRASS, INOX or ELOX series. An O-ring at the lower end of the thread keeps the valve completely tight. The golden color of the brass forms an excellent highlight to black, white or silver hookahs or hookah accessories.

Amongst others compatible with:

  • Various bases of Kaya BRASS, INOX, ELOX editions
  • Kaya INOX / ELOX Team CUT hose adapters
  • BRASS hose adapter screw
  • PNX 510/610 hose adapters

Not or only conditionally usable with hookahs having an inwardly curved base such as the INOX Sebulba. Although the valve can be screwed to it, an unsightly (and possibly leaking) gap is created.

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Spare Parts Valves
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