Tanktube Glass-Hookah with silicone feet and glass hose adapters

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Die Tanktube Glass-Hookh with silicone feet von Kaya Shisha consists of:

1 x tubular hookah bowl, which also is the base, with
1 x immersion tube
1 x possibility to connect a hose
with glas adapters for the hose
1 x 4tex glass tobacco cup with 18.8 cut
1 x silicone hose, black
1 x Slight Line XS glass mouthpiece with Kaya-Shisha printing

Width: ca. 29cm
Diameter: ca. 11cm
Diameter incl. the silicone feet: ca. 18cm
Height: ca. 23cm

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Tanktube - Low table hookah made of glass

Simply enjoy hookah in a different way. The low format and the high transparency of the glass make the Tanktube something special. With some ice, fruit or a rich LED lighting, the unusual shape of this glass water pipe comes into its own.

Easy to assemble

The hookah is easy to assemble by simply plugging the individual parts together. The ground-glass joints ensure that the hookah is completely leak-proof.

Why the silicone feet?

The feet made of orange-coloured silicone are not only an eye-catcher, but unlike conventional stands made of glass, they protect the sensitive water tank of the Tanktube from impact damage and provide it with a firm and non-slip stand. Compared to alternative legs made of wood or glass, the feet are also excellently suited for outdoor use, as they are temperature-resistant, flexible and moisture-repellent. This means that use on lawns or sandy soils is no problem. As a practical extra, the round notches on the sides also allow you to put down the glass mouthpiece safe and sound.

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