Skeleton Glass Hookah Complete S

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Details of the Skeleton Glass Hookah Complete S by Kaya:

Total height with tobacco bowl and HMS: approx. 44cm
Height of glass container: approx. 18cm
1 Glass ash plate
1 Downtube approx. 16cm
2 Aluminium hose connectors Cone Connection 2.0
1 4tex glass tobacco bowl
1 Silicone hose Soft-Touch, black
1 SlightLine XS glass mouthpiece
1 Firebug heat manager

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Skeleton glass hookah with Firebug attachment

The Kaya Skeleton is a water pipe made of glass with a curved body. The shape is based on the design of an hourglass. The upper area of the glass is narrower than the area for the water. This allows a generous amount of cooling liquid to be accommodated while the internal volume for the smoke remains comparatively small. Similar to a closed chamber, this design improves the draw of the smoke and prevents it from becoming stale inside the hookah.

Special features of the Skeleton glass hookah

The body of the hookah consists of the Skeleton glass, which combines the main features of a base and a hookah glass. The glass is equipped with 2 male 18.8 ground glass joints for hose connections and 1 female 29.2 ground glass joint for the immersion tube.

The enclosed immersion tube has a length of about 16cm (measured from the upper edge of the ground joint). It distributes the smoke in the glass and thus contributes to a better cooling.

The Kaya 4tex glass bowl can be placed safely on the ground joint of the ash plate due to its 18.8 glass ground joint.

Tip: If the Skeleton glass hookah is not high enough for you, you can build it up with a 29.2 molasses catcher or other glass inserts. This can be inserted between the immersion tube and the glass ash plate, for example.

Usable for up to 2 people

The Skeleton hookah is delivered ready for use with 2 Cone Connection hose connectors (2nd generation) and accessories for a single user. These include a 150cm silicone hose and a slim glass mouthpiece. If the hookah is used with one person, the second Cone Connection hose connector replaces a valve. Combined with a second hose set, the connector ensures that you can use the hookah with another person.

Firebug bowl attachment

The Firebug bowl attachment replaces ordinary aluminium foil. It is operated with only 1 piece of coal and is more suitable for short sessions in between. It gives the heat of the coal evenly and without heat peaks to the tobacco and reduces the likelihood that it burns.

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