ELOX Plug Edition

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Aluminium hookahs of the ELOX Plug Edition

A very special side branch of the ELOX (aluminium) edition hookah is the Plug edition, which is not only distinguished by its wealth of different models, but also by the construction of the respective hookah.

The ELOX Plug edition is not based on screw or click threads, as is usually the case with Kayas hookahs, but on the plug-in technique, whereby the base is inserted into the bottle with the help of a large rubber seal.

Advantages of plug-in shishas

Hookahs that are plugged together can be quickly assembled and disassembled in just a few steps. There is less wear and tear on the material as there is no bottle thread to rust, wear out, calcify or jam. In addition, thorough cleaning is simplified by the fact that metal and glass components are separated from each other and can also be treated with different cleaning agents without having to consider their junctions.