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The special edition MADERA X² Dark Ash with darkgrey-colored stainless steel and stem from ash wood from Kaya-Shisha:

Smoke column set made of antrazith colored INOX stainless steel and ash wood with quick lock.
- double divided shaft made of wood and steel
- closed chamber
- 2 connections
- 1 valve cap
- 1 tube adapter (corresponds to ground joint size 18.8mm)
- Immersion tube with screw-on extension, L.: approx. 14.5 / 10.5 cm, ∅ approx. 1.5 cm
- Hole diffuser with enlarged volume, screw-on extension, L.: approx. 2 cm, ∅ approx. 2 cm

Clear 630XS borosilicate glass with darkgrey INOX quick thread.
Soft-touch silicone hose, black, L: 150 cm
Aluslim mouthpiece, aluminum, black, approx. 34 cm
Turkey Master terracotta tobacco bowl with black inner glaze

Total height: approx. 68 cm
Height without head and without accessories: approx. 52 cm

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Kaya MADERA Shishas are water pipes with a modern material combination of stainless steel, borosilicate glass and solid wood with extra extended shaft. The main components of the MADERA X² smoking column set that come into contact with water or water vapor are made of stainless INOX steel. The MADERA X² is delivered ready to smoke for one user.

The wooden cladding for the base and the shaft are made in our own workshop in Germany!

Madera X² - The next generation of the MADERA X

BASE - The Base is made in the style of a Closed Chamber Base, which means it has a small internal volume. This design makes it easier to draw in fresh smoke or blow out stale or burnt tasting smoke after longer smoke breaks. The base is equipped with two connections. One port is ready to use with a hose connector and 18.8 hose adapter. The other is closed with a screwed valve cover (valve ball is included)

SMOKE COLUMN - At the top of the smoke column is a sleeve with 18.8 mm standard ground joint. This allows the use of molasses catchers made of glass. A matching 18.8 ground joint adapter is included. The stock is extended compared to the Madera Chida models. The ash wood is interspersed with shiny dark-metal colored stainless steel. So the eye enjoys it too!

DOWN TUBE - The dip tube has a length of about 14.5 cm (with diffuser about 16.5 cm) and is divided into two parts. It can also be used as a shorter version. It has an internal thread for connection to the base and external thread for installation of the hole diffuser included in the delivery. The diffuser has the function of distributing the smoke over a large area and at the same time reduces the noise level when smoking.

WOODEN COVER - The stainless steel set is embedded in an artistic covering made of solid ash wood. The cladding is pre-treated to be gentle on the hands. The wood is finished by our staff on site. The wood retains its natural look due to the caring treatment. Another plus point for beauty.

BOWL made of noble glass - The shisha glass made of borosilicate glass is heavy and stable. The stability is supported by the round, wide base with a diameter of about 21 cm. A stainless steel thread is already pre-glued.

ACCESSORIES - The hookah comes with an easy-care silicone hose, a mouthpiece made of black anodized aluminum and a terracotta tobacco head with matching head gasket.

Note: Due to production and material, the delivered Shisha may differ slightly from the photo.

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