Clear ELOX 630 BORO Cut Cumulus Cut Red 2S

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Details about Clear ELOX 630 BORO Cut Cumulus Cut Red 2S by Kaya Shisha:

1 ELOX Base Cut  smoke-stem set in red with Click-Lock and "Cut" head adapter (formerly known as KONIK)
- Closed Chamber
1 Glass-Shaft "Cumulus" incl. glass-downtube (29.2) and glass plate (29.2. - 18.8)
1 Glass bowl "Clear 630 BORO"
1 Hose connector "CUT", upgradeable to 2:
1 Silicone hose-kit out of a black silicone hose and a red Aluslim mouthpiece

The glass bowl is made of Borosilicate.

Entire height: ca. 75cm

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Just a few simple hand movements and the hookah is ready to smoke. Handling the hookah is easy, due to the low weight of the red anodized aluminium and the glass smoke-stem. Cleaning the hookah gets faciliated by the Click-Lock system on one hand, and the low touchiness for water. A red aluminium mouthpiece makes for cooling the smoke.
Glass smoke-stem "Cumulus" and glass downtube consist of one piece. Due to a cut section, approx. in the middle of the stem, the "Cumulus" smoke-stem can be plugged into the 29.2 hull in the base.
The base has a so-called Closed Chamber, which reduces its volume. This makes it easier to blow out the stale smoke after longer smoke breaks, and makes it easier to suck in the fresh smoke.
With just a few moves of the hand, this hookah is ready-to-smoke. The adequate, color-matching silicone hose is easy to clean, too,  and easy to attach and to remove. Default of the delivery is a terracotta tobacco cup, which evolves the great characteristics of the tobacco flavours by nature.
And to make this tobacco cup fit to the smoke-stem, another highly remarkable feature is employed. The "Cut" head-apader (formerly known as KONIK).
It is creating the plug connection between tobacco bowl and smoke-stem, that means, it works without thread and so makes the connection from glass to metal possible.
Entire height of the Clear ELOX 630 BORO Cut Cumulus Cut Red 2S is ca. 85cm

The delivered article might differ slightly from the photograph.

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