Clear ELOX 480 BORO Asura Red 2S

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Details of the Clear ELOX 480 BORO Asura Red 2S by Kaya Shisha:

1 Smoke stem-SET ELOX Asura Red for 480 with
- Cut Tobacco Bowl adapter (formerly named KONIK)
2 Hose stations with one connection adapter 18.8 "CUT"
1 Glass bowl "Clear 480 BORO"
1 color-matching silicone hose set with mouthpiece made of aluminum
1 Terrakotta tobacco bowl
1 ELOX downtube with slithole diffusor

Entire height: ca. 55cm

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The base has one hose connection with 18.8 mm CUT hose adapter. A second valve is closed with a lid, but can be retrofitted with a hose adapter to become a connection.

The beautifully shaped shaft of the smoke column ends up in a tobacco bowl adapter with cut section, formerly called KONIK. It also has a 18.8mm cut piece, supported by two expansion rings, which prevent the expansion of the metal and the glass when heated. Because the cut head adapter allows the use of a glass molasses catcher, which can be easily inserted in between. It keeps the molasses of the tobacco from dripping into the column and polluting it or reducing the smoking pleasure.

A color-matching hose set consists of an easy-care silicone hose and a cooling aluminum mouthpiece.
The tobacco bowl of terracotta lets the shisha tobacco unfold its full flavour. The tobacco bowls are manufactured by hand in Turkey, so each bowl has its own "personality".

The glass bowl is made of borosilicate.

The delivered article might differ slightly from the photograph.

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